C4JR in conversation with IOM Iraq’s Sandra Orlovic

C4JR's new podcast series, "More Than Ink on Paper", aims to platform relevant voices around the Yazidi Survivors Law, which has too often also been referred to as "ink on paper" by some survivors of ISIS crimes to voice their doubts about the government’s commitment to delivering long-awaited reparations guaranteed under the legislation. We'll be speaking to those working to ensure that this is not the case, and take a sweeping look at issues of transitional justice and accountability in Iraq, through the process of seeking to implement the law.

Season Two! Episode 1: Meethak Al-Khatib

In season two of Confused Iraqi, Noor Mousa and Alannah Travers interview individuals who have themselves grappled with the layers of confusion that Iraq's rich history and current reality present. From artists to activists, they uncover the stories of those who have experienced the range of feelings that come with being connected to Iraq, and dive deep into the stories and experiences of Iraqis who have been touched by the complexities of their home.
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