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Hallgarth checklist

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  1. Had direct contact with Ceci over the previous 12 months
  2. Slept in the sitting room due to icy temperatures
  3. Can name the man who slept in the sitting room due to extremely icy temperatures
  4. Borrowed Jessie's clothes
  5. Woke up in time for the public meditation society, downstairs
  6. Heard Emily talk about an old norse lecturer called Eleanor
  7. Wrote an essay in the Vic
  8. Made a fire, or some "art"
  9. Looked after Muso
  10. Grew something in the garden
  11. Camped in the garden
  12. Went to the free-ed protest (and some environmental thing in London)
  13. Been triggered by the font of Dianne's email sign-off
  14. Used Eliza's cafetière
  15. Worn Ceci's tiara
  16. Unintentionally found Brontë's AU passport
  17. Owned one of Jessie's fake Durham Union cards
  18. Forgot your keys and jumped the wall
  19. Been exposed to at least one Desirian theory
  20. Successfully had a male human over OR slept at TESTT
  21. Attended a Durham for Refugees meeting
  22. Can count how many times Jessie's been to Palestine post-grad
  23. Visited at least one of Alannah's squats